Necrotizing fasciitis

Necrotizing fasciitis

We would like to share Clyde’s story about how his astute owner saved his life. Clyde was having a normal afternoon in his fenced in yard, however when his owner called him in she noted he was more quiet than usual, and that one of his hind legs was shaking. Initially she suspected a muscle strain in the yard, but when he came in and refused his favourite treat, she immediately called us to have Clyde brought in for an emergency assessment.

Clyde arrived at the Oaks Vet with a life threatening fever of 41.4C and a severe infection in his hind leg that had spread to his blood stream. Samples were taken for bacterial culture and he was immediately hospitalized with IV fluids and strong antibiotics. He was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis (also known as flesh eating disease). This bacterial infection enters the body through small cuts in the skin and spreads along tissues, releasing enzymes that break them down as it goes. Quickly getting into the bloodstream it causes deadly fever, toxic shock syndrome and multi organ failure. This disease is almost always fatal if treatment is delayed for more than 6-8 hours. Often the infection is so severe that limbs are amputated to contain the infection.

Luckily, because Clyde’s family recognized that he was sick so quickly, he started treatment within 2 hours and did not suffer organ failure, nor did he lose his leg to the infection.

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