Welcome to the Oaks Vet

The Oaks Vet is the Atlantic provinces premier veterinary referral facility and the only veterinary hospital currently recognized by the international Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society.

The Oaks Veterinary Medical & Emergency Referral Centre is a privately owned, multidisciplinary referral emergency hospital located in Moncton, N.B. We offer a multitude of veterinary services aimed to maximize the quantity and quality of animal’s lives, including preventative, medical, surgical and dental veterinary care. With an in-house pharmacy and available 24hr patient monitoring, our facility offers a one stop option for a pet’s health and medical care. Our Centre is equipped to work with complex orthopaedic and soft tissue surgeries, major medical conditions, emergency care and general practice. Our intensive care unit is fully prepared and staffed to manage the most complex critically ill patients. Our general practice is mature and the clients are excited about preventative care.


More About Us


Purpose Built

The Oaks Veterinary Medical and Emergency Referral Center is a 5000+ square foot purpose built facility for animal health care.  Our hospital is bright and spacious, with ventilation and in-floor heating throughout.  There is an accessible public washroom located in the lobby, examination rooms with folding exam tables to facilitate evaluation of large breed dogs, and a comfortable consult room.  The lobby also showcases our new computed tomography (CT scanner) behind the lead windows!



Well Stocked

We have a full service in-house pharmacy stocked with a wide range of medications for your pet’s needs.  Our hospital restocks inventory on a weekly basis and special requests can be made for food products through our Office Manager.  


The Right Staff

Our large Intensive Care Unit is the heart of our hospital.  Located centrally in the hospital, the room is available to be staffed with either a veterinarian or a member of our critical care team.  Oxygen is piped directly to patient cages for the animals requiring oxygen support.  We have several types of fluids available for your pet, including blood products.  In the ICU we can monitor patients for many medical problems, including heart arrhythmias, seizures, respiratory conditions, and critical illness.  All of our post-operative patients recover in the Intensive Care Unit.  Our ICU is equipped with ECG, blood pressure monitoring, oxygenation monitoring, and warming equipment.

dog run


Monitoring & Isolation

  • In addition to the ICU our hospital has four wards for non-critical patients.  All wards are located immediately adjacent to the ICU for ease of patient monitoring. 
  • A cat ward, which is ideal to minimize feline stress and hospital noise and offers both small and large kennels. 
  • Small to medium dogs are housed in a separate ward, which also offers both small and large kennels. 
  • Our large breed dogs are hospitalized in large runs with individual windows for lighting, in-floor heating and large, plexiglass doors. 

Patients we suspect or confirmed to have infectious or highly contagious diseases are hospitalized in our Isolation Unit to ensure the safety of other hospitalized pets.  The isolation unit has a large window to facilitate frequent monitoring of patients.


Immediate Results

We have a full service in hospital laboratory, with test results available immediately - day or night.  Our hospital can perform Complete Blood Counts (with manual leukocyte differential), Comprehensive Biochemistry Profiles, Electrolytes and Blood Gas Analysis, Kidney/Liver/Pre-Surgical Panels, Cytology, Heartworm Tests, Coagulation Tests (Pro-thrombin Time and Partial Thromboplastin Time), Fecal Analysis, Infectious Disease Tests (Parvovirus, Feline Leukemia Virus, Feline Immuno-deficiency Virus), and complete Urinalysis.  We use several Reference Labs, staffed by specialists in clinical pathology for advanced testing such as histopathology, therapeutic drug monitoring (anti-convulsant, thyroid, etc), bacterial culture/susceptibility, bladder stone analysis, and advanced testing panels such as GI disease, hemophilia panels, and endocrine panels.







Advanced & Pain Free

Our hospital offers many different types of advanced imaging for your pet - including x-rays, ultrasound, echocardiograms, and computed tomography.  For most imaging studies, pets simply lay quietly for the test, which is quick and pain free.  All patients receiving computed tomography are either heavily sedated or under general anesthesia.

Cleaning & Extraction

Our dentistry suite offers both prophylactic teeth cleaning and therapeutic dental extraction (for infected or broken teeth) for cats, dogs, and exotic animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, etc).  






Simple to Complex

Our surgical suite is spacious to encompass surgeries ranging from spays and neuters, to complex fracture repair, knee surgery, tumor removal or thoracic surgery.  We have tools such as suction, cautery (to minimize bleeding), surgical loops (to magnify tiny structures), and advanced orthopaedic gear for bone and spinal surgery.